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Dazzle was born on February 7, 2012 and is out of Parker and Rosey. She showed for three weekends and quickly became a champion! She was WB/BOW at the KBTCNC specialty show and two of their supported shows as well. She finished her title in Palm Springs at the Desert Empire Terrier Specialty going Best of Breed over specials for her 4 major!! She finished at the same set of shows that her grandmother, Indy, finished at and with the same amount of majors!! Dazzle was not only a finished Champion at 11 months of age, she also had 8 points (including 1 major) towards her Grand Champion title. She'll definitely be back out as a special when she finishes maturing to "bedazzle" your socks off!

Dazzle has earned her Coursing Ability title and is also our second home bred Grand Champion! Dazzle is also our second USKBTC Versatility award winner!!


photo courtesy of SeeLeesPics

photo courtesy of SeeLeesPics

DM carrier
Factor XI carrier
vWD clear
KT-PNA59/20F-PI PNA clear
KT-1522G25F-VPI Hips Good
KT-EYE13/26F-VPI OFA/CERF normal

CHIC #: 97100 <---because she has had the recommended health tests completed as per the USKBTC

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