Pictures of our kerries (and a wheaten) having fun!

  • Allstartix
    Our tickets to the last All Star game to be played in the old Yankee Stadium. We had the times of our lives!
  • Best Buds
  • Indy Couch
  • Indy Katie
  • John Katie
  • One Hot Pup
  • Ollie 8years
  • Indy Baby
  • Bijou
    Bijou back to red!
  • Bijou5months
    Bijou at 5 months
  • Indybackyard
    Indy waiting for someone to just throw the ball
  • MeandIndybig
    Indy after coming out of the show ring at GWTA
  • Puppyday9
    Indy's first puppy at 9 days old
  • BijouJT
    Bijou taking a break from hiking
  • Dixie
    Dixie enjoying life in Palm Springs
  • Dixie 1year
    Dixie at 1 year of age
  • DSCN0907
    Do I really have to share all my toys with her?
  • DSCN1057
    Can someone please tell him this is my bed!
  • DSCN1102
    This is really not funny!
  • DSCN1178
    See! It's ok for girls to chase boys!
  • DSCN1202
    How'd you like it if I did this to your hair?
  • DSCN1232
    You aren't so bad to cuddle with
  • DSCN1398
    He's in the pool! Let's get him!
  • DSCN1399
    Ut oh....I think he drown!
  • DSCN1415
    I like cuddling with the front door. Nobody can get past me!
  • DSCN2572
    The Palm Springs crew on a hike in Joshua Tree Park
  • Hiking1
    Dixie and Bijou hiking with David and Ed
  • Hiking2
    Dixe and Bijou having a great time on their hike
  • IMG 1607
    My ugly dressing cast after my ankle/toe surgery
  • Indy4years
    Indy coppin' a 'tude for the camera at 4 years of age
  • Indybaby
    Indy at 4-5 weeks
  • Indykelsey
    Still in love after all these years
  • Kaite 10months
    Katie sitting pretty for the camera at 10 months of age
  • Katie Head
    Katie being cute like she always is
  • Katie Match
    Katie at her first match show and being handled by a junior handler
  • Kelseyutoh2
    Someone should tell Kelsey his ears should not do that!
  • Olliecamp
    Ollie relaxing at our camp site in Flagstaff




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